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While distantly related to Dragons, Wyverns are as far removed from them as humans and apes, for these foul tempered, violent creatures are only barely intelligent and resemble Dragons in shape only (though unlike Dragons, which have four legs, Wyverns only have two)..

Found throughout Eletreus, but mostly concentrated in mountainous regions and especially prevalent in the broken Kingdom of Thane, these evil creatures were once used as mounts by the Thanes. Bullied into submission by their trainers they are stubborn and stupid creatures and difficult to keep under control. However, this stupidity was more than made up for by their speed and aggressiveness, for they delight in killing and mayhem, shrieking with apparent delight when rending a victim to pieces or catching one in their claws and dropping them from a great height..

Nowadays Wyverns roam free – terrorizing anything and anyone that they can – both for their meat, and any shiny baubles, for these creatures are attracted to anything that glitters or shines and use them to decorate their lairs, making them a (if dangerous) target for ambitious treasure hunters.

They will typically attack from ambush, for their eyesight is better than a hawk, swooping down suddenly from above. Wyverns also have a special attack – blue or purple Wyverns are able to shoot bolts of lightning from their mouths and are immune to electricity, often appearing to wreak havok during terrible storms. Green Wyverns spit globules of acid that can eat through steel in a few seconds. Both types of attack can only be done three times within a 24 hour period, though in a storm a Wyvern can recharge by flying through thunder clouds – and the green Wyvern also has a poisoned tail – the sting of which causes almost instant paralysis that if untreated will cause death in 6-12 hours.

In addition to their formidable special attacks, Wyverns also use their claws to seize and rend opponents and their wings and body to collide with them, often knocking an opponent down and attacking with a frenzy of claws and bites from its mouth brimming with needle like teeth.

While their armored scaly hide is tough and will turn aside most arrows and smaller projectiles, the plates are not impervious to normal weapons like their Dragon cousins – though only pikes or Halberds tend to be of much use against them.

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