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Welcome to the world of Elatreus, an original fantasy world designed to provide a deep and coherent backstory to the series of fully functional, battle ready Fantasy Swords that were originally designed as part of a competition at Sword Buyers

You can see all the swords we have designed here – divided into two main categories, designs that we have completed and are available to buy and designs that are a work in progress/pre-production/at the prototype stage here. Plus there is a special behind the scenes section showing how the swords are actually made..

From there, you can begin to explore the deep backstory – with a guide to all the lands of Eletreus, Tall Tales, Lore, a complete history and timeline spanning 10,000 years and of course, lots of monsters in the Bestiary.

As the site is still in its infancy (you can read our blog here to see what’s new and what was done when) there is a LOT more to be added over the coming weeks and months. Its not all perfectly polished yet, but we hope you will find that even in Beta, lovers of fantasy swords, classic swords & sorcery and high fantasy will find it quite entertaining and original.

One final quick note

Please bear in mind that the site is still only in BETA 1.0 – so there may well be some typos, inconsistencies, etc as some of the entries are only the first or second draft stage. So please bear with us – or better yet, let us know! 🙂

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