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This website began in 2017 and was a labor of love for our sister site Sword Buyers

It started with a competition – design a cool fantasy sword, and we would make it and give it to the winner for free. And boy, did we see some cool designs..

But more than that, we wanted to create a rich backstory that tied all the different swords together. Sword Buyers Guide Limited invested tens of thousands of dollars into the project, but we neglected one important thing. Our little member made world has no fan base. And fantasy swords are subjective – like custom swords. You might be the only one who likes it!

Though I doubt ANYONE would hate this one.. It can BISECT water-bottles on a thrust !

We did our best, but sales were lackluster – and we had to liqudate them..

With our funds depleted, and everyone involved with the project rather dejected – I had spent too many hundred hours to throw it away. So a change in direction is slowly taking shape.

Exactly what direction that will be remains to be seen, in the meantime though – click the links below to learn more about what is on the site as it stands today.

You can see all the swords we have designed here, plus there is a special behind the scenes section showing how the swords are actually made which should be of interest to anyone who has either considered making or buying a functional sword of their own.

You can begin to explore the deep backstory – with a guide to all the lands of Eletreus, Tall Tales, Lore, a complete history and timeline spanning 10,000 years and of course, lots of monsters in the Bestiary.

The site is still in its infancy (you can read our blog here to see what’s new and what was done when) and while the failed launches of its related sword lines has caused serious setbacks, too much work has been done with too many possibilities remained unexplored to call it a day and just shut it down.

So while many parts are still rough round the edges and some information no longer relevant or in need of an update, we hope that you will find that even in Beta, lovers of fantasy swords, classic swords & sorcery and high fantasy will find it quite entertaining and original.

One final quick note

Please bear in mind that the site is still only in BETA 1.0 – so there may well be some typos, inconsistencies, etc as some of the entries are only the first or second draft stage. The site may sometimes be down for maintenance or for needed updates, so we hope you will bear with us – you are seeing a work in progress as it changes direction – so hope you enjoy this peek behind the scenes..

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