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Getting close to the beta launch!

Well, after the debacle with the site going down for nearly a week, I have made some surprisingly fast progress..

Perhaps it is because I am getting used to the format and improving my dismal Photoshop skills (or being less fussy) – but for whatever reason the last few days – combined with the work done before the site went down has brought us surprisingly close to being able to launch the beta version and bring in new contributors.

Before that time comes however, I want to go over all the pages that are currently in their 1st draft and tidy up some of the badly worded sentences, fill out some stubby entries and ensure that everything matches up, which is where the recently updated (but still in need of a final edit) TIMELINE comes in so handy..

Anyway, the good news is that all the major LANDS have been added and now looks like the following:


I must admit that doing the Land of the Dead was a lot creepier than I first thought – and we added some additional depth by defining exactly who the Qahoori Nomands were..

One of the Long extinct Qahoori Nomads

Pretty cool concept if I do say so myself! Lol..

Anyway, at the same time the first 6 sword designs now have their own pages, though the one for the Vorpal sword is just an outline right now as the designer, Croccifixio, has written some short stories in the past, and will flesh it out when he has some spare time..


The Sword of Danu entry also indirectly led us to explore the Darker side of the Moon Goddess and one of my favorite placeholder photoshop mashups..

The Bestiary also had quite a few new monsters added of my own creation, while over on the forum the guys have been coming up with even more great new beasties that will migrate over there. Out of my own creations, I quite like goblins and hobgoblins.. Later will add a list of ‘Hobgoblin dirty fighting tricks’.. 😉

Speaking of fighting tricks, I added the Warrior Monks entry – who are officially known as ‘Adepts’ so the Lore section now looks like this..


I will be leaving the Magic entry open as Rayhan did a lot of heavy lifting on this topic over on the forums, so will allow him to have a go at entering it here – (Rayhan will also be doing some pages on his creation, the Deathless Witch, Noktarikon and Temple Nimbus once I have made sure that the timeline is straight and not going to be changed too much..)

The glitch did mess up my plan to invite new contributors – but in a way it is best the timeline and foundation is rock solid before we start building too high or we will end up with the leaning tower of Eletreues (and this is the main reason why when we get out of beta and officially launch the site, we need to make editing existing stuff the rare exception rather than the rule)..

I will post more in a couple or days or so with the exact timeline to beta launch 1.0 but here is a rough idea:

  • Beta 0.1 – current state, filling out entries and laying the basic foundation.
  • Beta 0.2 – basic foundation laid and completed
  • Beta 0.3 – first edit and check for internal consistency
  • Beta 0.4 – invite selected contributors to add their content
  • Beta 0.5 – assign editors and contributor profiles
  • Beta 0.6 – Additional placeholder and permanent  artwork and illustration overhaul
  • Beta 0.7 – create sword manufacturer and craftsman portfolio pages
  • Beta 0.8 – Reformat site appearance, widgets, tools, etc.
  • Beta 0.9 – Peripheral social media foundation (Facebook, Pinterest, etc)
  • Beta 1.0 – Launch Beta version of the site

At least, that is roughly what the plan looks like now, and my estimation is that it should be ready by around the middle of September – when more people will actually be able to see these retro-posts..! 🙂

Will update again soon, in the meantime – a few more of my favorite illustrations.

The bearer of the Vorpal Sword searches for his elusive prey, the Jabberwocky..

The Half Dragon Prince of Lhasa, founder of the Shaoshi Temple and teacher of advanced meditation techniques..

The Lich King and his current queen

Was originally going to be just the Lich King, but found an image in Pixabay that made me think ‘why not have a Queen?’ or rather, ‘his latest queen’ as having ‘unlived’ for the last 1000 years or so, he would have had quite a collection of wives. Still deciding on exactly who she is and how she fits into the story – her skin is a little pallid, so maybe she is a vampire and has ruled side by side with him the whole time..

Details, details, details – that is what this project is all about!

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