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Now in Beta 0.2

The site is now officially in Beta 0.2 – in other words, the basic foundation has been laid and all the entries that we need to begin fleshing things out in earnest are in place.

Well, almost – we are still tweaking the magic system a bit, so have decided to skip it for now and enter it in when we have some more consensus.

So again, here is the road to Beta 1.0

  • Beta 0.1 – current state, filling out entries and laying the basic foundation.
  • Beta 0.2 – basic foundation laid and completed
  • Beta 0.3 – first edit and check for internal consistency
  • Beta 0.4 – invite selected contributors to add their content
  • Beta 0.5 – assign editors and contributor profiles
  • Beta 0.6 – Additional placeholder and permanent  artwork and illustration overhaul
  • Beta 0.7 – create sword manufacturer and craftsman portfolio pages
  • Beta 0.8 – Reformat site appearance, widgets, tools, etc.
  • Beta 0.9 – Peripheral social media foundation (Facebook, Pinterest, etc)
  • Beta 1.0 – Launch Beta version of the site

Next up is the first edit, where I will go over all the entries, try to catch and correct the inconsistencies in there that developed and just tidy it all up a little. And then its time to get more people in on the team.

There are a few other things that I wanted to clarify and add, but that is a process that could go on indefinitely if I don’t put a cap on it. So here is the cap, and now time to start editing!

See you on the other side.

  • Paul
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