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Scorpion Swords Work in Progress Pics

Okay, time for our first behind the scenes look at the actual production of some of the swords.

Behind the scenes we have been working on 3 designs to be produced by Chris Palmer from Scorpion Swords and Knives LLC – and 2 of the prototypes for these swords that will be sent to the designers are already taking shape rather quickly..

I am getting slightly ahead of myself, as I have not mentioned in the blog yet that these new designs have been added, so might as well consolidate it all here in this post.

The first of the two Prototypes that are in development is the The Orc Kings War-Cleaver. Below is the original design concept:

And here is where Chris is up to as of this moment:

Pretty close to the original concept so far. You can see all the pics to date here – and read the backstory of the sword and its powers here..

The other is the Goblin Kings Sword – which was designed to look something like this:

And right now, looks like THIS in steel..

Again, not far off the original design and so far, so good..!

As with the Orc War-Cleaver, you can see it as it progresses to completion here and read the backstory here.

This is certainly not the first time SBG has seen some designs go from concept to final product, but there is something rather special about seeing these designs that until now had just been fantasy concepts actually start to become something you can actually hold in your hands..

Very exciting stuff, and I will do my best to ensure that our collaborators share as much behind the scenes production pics and information – both for them and for us..

So stay tuned, another update coming soon..!

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