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Castir and Vorpal Sword Updates

It has definitely been taking much longer to get the prototypes from Blade Culture International completed. And while there is still a lot more work needed to be done on them both, at least we have some updates to share to show that SOMETHING is happening behind the scenes.

The good news is that actually forging the blades and doing up the handles as well as the scabbards is something that BCI has done thousands of times before. But the FITTINGS are often the hardest part – as they are unique and one of them, from the Castir, has never been done before..

And while the Vorpal sword is also in a similar relatively early stage considering how many months have passed since the designs were submitted to them, at least the hard work of making the cast fittings has been done.

Hopefully we will have some more updates soon, so please stay tuned. In the meantime, click below for the new ‘making of’ pages:

Making of the Castir

Making of the Vorpal Sword

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