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The Webcomic!

With less than 17 days before the official launch to beta 1.0 – I am pleased to say that it looks like the first chapter of the Legendary Swords webcomic that brings everything together is taking shape quite nicely.

Book One “the Gathering of the Heroes” introduces readers to the world of Eletreus in the current year, 1029 IE through the eyes of Aofie of Tuath De, a character created by SBG member Djinnobi as the bearer of his winning sword design – the Sword of Danu – with each chapter following introducing new characters as the Heros of the land are gathered together in the capital of the Aelutian Empire, Paragonia for a yet unnamed quest of epic proportions..

Behind the scenes, the first 8 chapters have had their storyboards drafted out using some nifty free software called ‘Toon Do’. I am not able to draw to save my life, but through a combination of importing some images and using their library of stock images, it is good enough to make a storyboard that the digital artists I am hiring to interpret.

Embarrassing as it may be, here is the very first 5 scenes of the webcomic, with Aofie trekking through the Badlands and being confronted by a small band of murderous, thieving mutants.

From this basic storyboard, along with some notes and further references for each scene provided to our artists – the webcomic begins to take shape, and here is a behind the scenes look at the first sketches of some ofthose same scenes (scenes four and five respectively).

In addition to the standard hand drawn webcomic – we are also experimenting with a different style created using 3D models. Here are the first three scenes using this software.

The advantages of the 3d version is that it is faster and cheaper to produce than a traditional hand drawn webcomic – but the disadvantages are that some of the later scenes may be very hard to reproduce using this method. However, for the first chapter we will have both side by side and let visitors decide which of the two versions they prefer and will eventually drop the less popular format).

My main concern was just to make sure that we had the first chapter out there – and so far it is looking like we will be fine and have both upon the beta 1.0 launch.

The actual format for the webcomic is the first scene that you should click on to open it up and navigate left or right to go backwards or forwards through the scenes as desired. Starting off, there will be the current issue and later, an archive which will have all the back issues in chronological order so anyone who is late to the party or just wishes to recap can do so at their leisure.

To date, I have storyboarded to the end of Book One, and will soon be working on the continuation of the story in Book Two to get as far ahead as possible so there aren’t too many last minute situations where the next issue is not ready before the deadline – and to ensure that the story remains consistent.

So far, I am pretty happy with how the webcomic is shaping up, and look forward to revealing it upon the beta 1.0 launch.

But with the launch now a little over 2 weeks away, and still many more other areas of the site that need attention to get us there, I will leave the webcomic development in the capable hands of our two digital artists and shift gears to a different part of the site.

At the end of the day, I think that the webcomic really is a dynamic part of the Legendary Swords site that makes many of the backstories come to life as it were, and ties everything together and am very glad that we decided to add it.

Will update once more before launch when the first chapters are up on the site and ready to view – all very exciting stuff!

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