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48 hours to go and Beta 0.9

Well, finally a bit of an audience for the blog – feels a little odd knowing that some people can actually read an entry here for a change..

Welcome our contributors and VIP visitors!

Everyone is here that should be here I think, or at least have been given the official invite and keys to get in the place. And as the title of this blog post suggests, in less than 48 hours the site will have a whole lot more eyeballs on it for the first time. Looking forward to flicking the switch – fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly.

At least at this end of things, we are looking pretty good for launch. I just fixed up a few more bits and pieces behind the scenes that weren’t quite right and did a few more integration ahead of launch. Overall, everything is pretty much where it should be and if all goes well, it is just some minor tweaking required to get us to launch. So after all is said and done, that puts us comfortably at Beta 0.9 – with the final milestone, flicking the switch, the final step needed for beta 1.0

And then, then the real work begins in earnest..!

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