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It’s official – Beta 1.0 – the LAUNCH!

The day has finally come…

One year and three months after the project began in earnest, Legendary is officially launched into Beta version 1.0!

While this is the first ‘above ground’ post, you will see that I have been documenting the entire site and world creation process pretty much from day one. And while it has not always been an easy or smooth process, it does feel great to finally have it out there for everyone to see and to have laid what is effectively the foundation for what is to come..

Because this launch which marks the end of the initial site building endeavor is just the beginning. ALL of the sections and pages that have been laid down will be expanded upon and developed to their full potential – the webcomic series is being written out months in advance and already has plans to branch out into new stories and tales, more sword designs and sword design COMPETITIONS are planned, and what you see now is very much a site in its infancy..

While we have a plan for the future, it is not set in stone. From the beginning, it has been an organic website that has changed direction and expanded into areas that had never occurred to me when the idea first hit. And as we move forward,  it will only continue to grow in response to what people like, and what they want to see – after all, it has been a sword community project since day 1 and will continue to be responsive to the needs of the sword community itself.

So for now, please take a little time to poke around and see what is here.

In short, Welcome to the world of Eletreus – we hope you will enjoy your stay..

– Paul Southren

LAUNCH DAY, 20th September 2018

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