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Custom Coronatite Sword Generator

It has been quite a few months in development, but at last it is ready – an application we had made for Legendary Swords that allows you to mix and match blades and handles of dozens of actual sword and blade designs made by our friends at Scorpion Swords. But you don’t have to just contend with the designs on paper – for you can actually have the design you create custom made for you with a whole host of options by Scorpion Swords for $374.99 (or you can submit your own original sword designs like we did to create the Aelutian Gladius, Goblin King Sword, etc – all for the same price).

Anyway, the generator itself is the first of a series of planned sword making applications that we will be creating – and the simplest. But even though it is simple, the number of possible combinations of hilt and blade are mind boggling – and we used and continue to use it ourselves for some illustrations such as our new article on Coronatie Swords here.

Try it out – its a lot of fun and the custom sword concept that goes along with it, unlike any other that has ever been attempted.

Check out the generator here and see for yourself

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