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The Bakemono Hobgoblin Jintachi – now available!

I mentioned it’s development quite some time ago in a previous blog, but am delighted to say that the design for the extremely unique and original Jintachi style sword that we have named the Bakemonogatana is NOW available to purchase in strictly limited quantities.

Made by SBG’s own Black Dragon Forge, this is a quality full length blade made from monotempered 1095 carbon steel with a curved 14″ handle and while unique, is based on some rare sword types that were actually used historically.

The original ‘Hobgoblin’ that inspired this design

The concept of its use is similar to the Bujinkan Shinobigatana and is the evolution of a much earlier Black Dragon design now archived, the Hobgoblin Shinobi sword (pictured right) – though that one had a smaller Ko Katana blade, while this one is monotempered and has a full length blade, battle wrap, red anodized blade and rattan reinforced sheathe.

The design style is extremely flexible and versatile. The extra long grip allows it to be used for extreme power cuts such as were used historically by the Japanese on swords that were to be tested on the bodies of executed criminals to generate maximum leverage and cutting force. But by simply changing the position of the hands, it can be choked up for close in quarters fighting, choked down and used one handed to reach targets that would otherwise think they were out of striking range, and can also be used by holding the curved handle and using it like a lever to deliver a barrage of fast and nasty chopping strikes to the hands and face of an opponent before finishing them with a two handed power strike.

Only 20pcs have been made for this initial run and are priced to sell at just $329.99 with free shipping.

You can read the full legend and backstory of the sword here and find out the grim reason why these swords have a blood red blade…

The Hobgoblin Jintachi – the Bakemonogatana

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