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First 5 of the Seraph Aegis NOW on Sale

Yes, the wait is finally over – the first 5 of 20 limited edition Seraph Aegis swords have been completed and are ready for immediate sale!

A truly beautiful sword in every way – from the master smith forged Feathersteel blade to the custom bronze fittings by US artisan Jeffrey R. Robinson, this is an heirloom quality blade that we are making available to the most discerning collectors (click here to see how it was made)

Here are the five blades almost still hot from the forge of Master Smith Michael Ye from Forge Direct:

The wax molds are then adjusted to individually fit each hand made blade before casting:

Once cast and cleaned up, the ornate bronze guard is mated to the full tang of the blade:

And then ‘banzai peened’ to ensure that no matter how hard you use it, the entire assembly will remain as tight as it was the day you received it:

Then the handles are hand made by Jeffrey, as are the scabbards – and the end result, one of the most attractive, functional and awe inspiring sword designs we have ever had the pleasure of bringing to market..

Normally with a limited edition heirloom quality sword like this you would price it at a premium, showing it off as the gem in a stores available product selection. Considering the blade alone is valued close to $2K and Jeffrey’s custom bronze work over $2,000 per piece, $4,000 to $6,000 would be a fair market price for this kind of workmanship, quality and rarity..

But until the end of the month and while we still have the 5 blades available, we are going to practically give them away for just $2,999.99 – plus we will pick up the shipping tab – after which they will revert to full price as the forge and Jeffrey spend the next 5-6 months or so making the second batch of 5 (remember, the production run is a TRUE limited edition offering with only 20pcs to be made before the design is discontinued).


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