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Zelda Sword – back on track

It was derailed in April thanks to this years ‘perfect storm’ of events, but despite the worldwide pandemic and other setbacks, it continues..

And now in late September, it is ALMOST ready!

The sword itself is ready:

And so is the scabbard, an original design, yet recognizable:

So there you have it, the complete package – sword and scabbard. From here, we need to finish up every sword in this order, factor in what are often fairly high shipping costs, get the stats and once we have everything in place, we will offer these swords once for the best price we can muster – allowing anyone who ever wanted a truly battle ready Master Sword inspired design without the wait time or the expense.

At least, that is the plan!

Say tuned for more details as they become available..


You may also have noticed that today we have removed the Gathering of the Heros webcomic – and there are several reasons for this. It was and still is something of a ‘practice run’ and ‘work in progress’ and after its first attempts to launch did not go as planned, we had several contributors pull out, taking some of their IP and stories with them, and so a completely new plot is in development and is waiting on some updates to the main site to reflect these changes before we proceed with the 3rd revision of the webcomic.

It is this combination of setbacks following on the heels of a failed launch and global pandemic that, apart from the Zelda Sword Project, has seen the site stalled – as the amount of rewriting is quite intimidating when there are no funds left to justify the ongoing expenses (it is built on an extremely robust platform as we were initially expecting heavy organic traffic) and it has already running at a loss – but as a passion project, it is just a question when and how the site will be updated, what effect it will have on the stories and what emphasis it will have when the site finally finds its identity and starts to mature.

We are in it for the long haul, so one war or another, we will find a way to make this project work. All we need is for one aspect of it to ‘take’ and it will grow naturally from there. After all the time, blood, sweat, tears and money spent on it, you would think that with just one or two more pushes at the right time in the right direction will see it start to finally grow and fund itself.

Only time will tell..

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