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Available Today: Our Zelda inspired swords hit the store

zelda0BCI – Legendary Swords – the Master Sword

LIMITED EDITION RELEASE – Only 20pcs available

One off Custom Price: $2,499


The official ‘blurb’: From the Legendary Swords Project – tough flexi-tempered monotempered 5160 Spring Steel blade, premium hand made fittings. Includes matching hand carved wooden scabbard. Normal price for a one off custom sword like this from BCI would be $2499 – but because we made 20pcs, we were able to both reduce the price for the original customer and offer a handful of enthusiasts the chance to own a true battle ready Master Sword at a fraction of the usual price..


Exclusively Available at SBG

Yup, it finally came true..

It’s hard to believe after all the setbacks and delays (welcome to the wonderful world of custom swords!!! Delays are normal, just yesterday a knife collector told me that he once waited 3 years for a custom made knife and it’s now one of his most prized possessions)..

But yes, the day has FINALLY come – and a project that was a risk for us, but seeing so much potential (and the photo of my friends face when he first saw it – was absolutely priceless. I’ll ask him if its okay to post it sometime soon) and figuring that if one guy was serious but not in a position to go 100% custom, maybe there were some others – the Zelda inspired original version of a suitable Master Sword and Scabbard is on sale (and actually, selling quite fast – you can see how many are left on the product page near the price).

Speaking of which, we squeezed hard – and brought it in just under USD1000 with $30 shipping to Canada and $60 to selected countries around the world, including Australia.

Finally, here’s some more pics I messed around with before deciding to go for a simpler look.

Bittersweet really. I’ll post again soon after they are sold..

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