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Celestial Dragon

Native to Lhasa and the harmonious isles, the Celestial Dragon is exceedingly rare nowadays – usually only ever seen in art, as a statue and in literature. During the Dragon wars, these noble beings kept to themselves and maintained a strict policy of neutrality, but when they were suddenly attacked by evil great Wyrm Xelzru, the Taker of Life and his dragon followers, they mounted a fierce but failed defense, only stopped when the the Grand Ultimate Celestial Dragon, Tianlong the Gentle, and Qaynyr, Champion of the Skies joined forces, tearing off Xelzrus wings and plungin him into the depths of the seas South of Stormwater..

The most famous – and powerful – of all the Celestial Dragons is Tianlong the Gentle, who once again mounted a defense of his nation during the war in heaven against the Fallen, and while successful, was sorely taxed and fell into a deep slumber, of which to this day he has not awoken from. However, while sleeping, Tianlong’s power continues – for he is still the figurehead of Lhasa, esteemed as a God-King, and the powers of the Wizard Lords are all derived both from his teachings and direct power that he lends to them to rule wisely in his esteemed name.

Other Celestial Dragons are said to on occasion be seen flying high above the mountains around Huangshi and Xianyao province, and a wild Celestial Dragon is occasionally spied in the isolated wilderness in the far north of the Harmonious Isles in Kitashima, but they rarely interact with humans, being aloof and uninterested in the affairs of mortals. However, there are a further 7 Celestial Dragons loyal to Tianlong who, after the war in heaven had ended, took up residence at the capital of each province of Lhasa and turned to stone – hibernating and meditating, but can be woken at a command from Tianlong if Lhasa was ever in dire need.

Like all Dragons, Celestial Dragons can fly, but do so without wings, instead almost swimming gracefully through the air like a giant serpent, and are highly maneuverable, making them one of the fastest types of Dragons known. Unlike most other Dragons, Celestial Dragons do not breathe fire, but if sufficiently threatened can spit a fiery pearl that explodes with enough destructive force to destroy half a city or level the sturdiest fortress, but these pearls take centuries to regrow and thus, are used only in the most dire circumstances.

Celestial Dragons are all able to control the weather, summoning terrible storms, hurricane force winds – which they can ride and move at double their normal rate – and even create earthquakes and tsunami. Furthermore, they are able to assume human form, though not so much as a disguise – as their countenance is god like and clearly not that of a mortal – and in such form may even take on a human consort who will give birth to half human – half dragon offspring that are immortal, wise and naturally highly magical in nature that are immune to all non magical weapons, but who, for all other intents and purposes, are a normal human being – such as the founder of the Shaoshi Temple, Shaosu, the prince of peace.

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