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Endemic to the Badlands, these giant serpents are the Apex Predator of the region and greatly feared for their highly aggressive nature and voracious appetite for flesh.

In addition to their formidable speed and razor sharp teeth, these monsters also secrete a powerful acid in their saliva which they use to tunnel out complex subterranean lairs which is powerful enough to corrode even full plate armor in seconds and causes horrifying, pitted wounds.

While they rarely are encountered above ground, when raising their young, the female will make forays from her nest to the surface world seeking out any living thing that it will digest in its stomach and regurgitate the ‘soup’ to its brood of young, which often number from between 20-60 creatures (though few survive into adulthood, as when it comes time for them to leave the nest, the female suddenly turns on them and begins eating them – at which point they flee the nest and seek to establish their own pair bond).

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