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Gulo Oktopodis – 8 legged wolverine

A massive, bad tempered and highly aggressive creature, the thick furred, eight clawed Gulo Oktopodis in full attack mode is a terrifying sight. When raised up on its hind legs, it is taller than a man and weighs as much as a fully grown brown bear. Voracious predators, the Gulo Oktopodis and will hunt down and eat almost anything that it encounters and has a reputation for fearlessness and fights in a berserk fury, impervious to pain and always fights to the death.

The first indication that one may be entering the territory of a Gulo Oktopidis is the overpowering stench. When fighting, the beast typically sprays clouds of this choking, toxic fumes into the air, causing anyone within 10′ feet to wretch uncontrollably and preventing spell casters from being able to concentrate and cast a spell.

The thick hide of these beasts is especially prized by the mountain tribes and trappers, and when cured is as effective as banded armor or brigantine.

Due to their violent tempers and mean disposition, the Gulo Oktopidis cannot be intimidated and once combat commences, can only end if the creature is killed or somehow incapacitated.

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