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Hafvilsverd – The Serpents Bane

Original design by Celegon

Type of Sword: National Treasured Sword of Stormwater

Status: Archived – a prototype was made but could not be completed

Designed by: SBG member and competition winner Celegon

Notes: Unfortunately due to personal issues, the up and coming sword maker who created this sword was not able to finish it properly and the sword will be remade by a different manufacturer at a later date.


“Forged in the depths of the sea by the drowned smith, then carried ashore by the tides and gifted to the isle of Stormwater”

Known by many names, but with one reputation. It’s true name, revealed to the oracles, is ‘Hafvilsverd’ (the lost at sea sword) but it is known as the Serpents Bane to the people of Stormwater,  ‘Drekkjasverd’ (the drowned sword) in the language of the savage Northmen, and the Stormsword to the Aeultian Empire, this mysterious sword is the sacred national treasure of the people of Stormwater, and encapsulates their struggle to survive in a world where the odds had been against them from the very beginning.

The original settlers to this land were the original friends, families and supporters of the Legendary Warrior Runa, the Martyr who with the Sword Odins Oar in hand, defeated the rise of the third DeathKnight over 800 years ago.

In her wisdom, knowing that the Northmen had fallen almost completely into irrevocable evil, before her fateful final fight, she sent the last true Northmen and women away to find a promised land she had seen in her visions, but the journey across the wild seas was fraught with peril, and many of those who set out were lost beneath the churning waves..

How it happened is not understood, but this much has been gleaned – that the spirits of those who did not survive the journey could not rest, such was their concern for the future of their people. The dead knew what dangers lied ahead, and were determined to ensure that their lives were not lost in vain..

Among the lost ones was Skard Hallfredsson, the best sword smith of his age, and one of the last followers of Odin. Calling on one last favor, to make one last sword, his final masterpiece, and for over 100 years, the drowned smith and the spirits of the dead toiled beneath the sea, forging a blade unlike any other at the base of a thermal vent in the deepest recesses of the open seas between the Lands of the Northmen and Stormwater.

After the War of the Giants had ended in Stormwater, and the dangers that the Giants once held at bay began to multiply and threaten the struggling new settlement, the last ordained priest of Odin – set off from the new capital to the ravaged seaside port town of Stormgrave. And there, near the shore, he saw it for the first time. The gift from the drowned, held aloft for them to claim, the gift that would allow them to overcome the terrible dangers ahead..

Presented by the old priest to the chief of the newly formed River Guard, its powers were soon revealed, and it turned the tide against the incursion of the terrible Ice Serpents – gaining it the moniker, the Serpents bane. But over time, the true foresight of the dead was revealed, for it also proved itself against the Werewolves swarming out from the Moon Woods.

Powers of the Sword

Forged by magic deep under the icy sea, the Hafvilsverd has proved indestructible, is immune to rust and the elements, and is as sharp and strong as the day it was forged at the thermal vents. Swift as hail fall, when swung in battle the blade crashes like thunder and flashes like the lightning of a summer storm.

When used against the Ice Serpents, the sounds and the flashes it emits terrifies these fell creatures, for even the slightest knick shatters them into a mound of ice, and now the very sight of it held aloft turns them back in a panic.

But it was later found to also be the bane of the Lycnathropes – for in their presence it glows blue, revealing them for what they are when in human form, and a superficial wound is enough to cure this terrible afflication – and they too are terrified of it for this reason.

With these powers, the Riverguard overcame the dual challenges that threatened to wipe out their fledgling settlement – and it has been handed down over the generations to the chief of the River-Guard and is a national treasure, not only for how it protects them, but for the legacy it represents..

When it is handed to a new owner, the following words are spoken:

“Born of ore.
Raised in war.
Lord of storms.
In battle I sing.
Swift death I bring.
The serpents bane.”


Designed by SBG member and design completion winner ‘Celegon’ the sword was originally to be brought to life by up and coming US based sword maker, Tomas Diamante as part of our project to support talented but as yet relatively unknown local sword makers.

Made from 1084 high carbon steel via the stock removal process, and expertly heat treated by J&L Custom Cutlery – things were going well when through no fault of his own, some health issues in the family meant that Tomas had to – at least temporarily – abandon his attempts to finish the sword properly and the project was terminated pending a new maker to take over and try again.

Behind the Scenes – the Making of Hafvilsverd

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