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Making of the Dusk Winds Goad

The Dusk Winds Goad was selected from our pool of sword designs to be made by Chris Palmer from Scorpion Swords and Knives LLC.


Chris starts the process by cutting out the basic shape of the sword from a sheet of premium quality 1095 carbon steel and then grinds it and refines the shape and blade geometry by hand.

After a few hours of hard work back at the grinder, Chris further refines the swords shape – and here it is straight out of heat treatment.

Next stage is mounting the handle, which is attached to the blade by a series of hidden pins, all epoxied in place so that there is no way this sword is ever coming apart anytime soon..

Here is what the completed handle looks like.

And of course, the completed sword itself..

Note the pointed, serrated edges of the angular blade..

And of course, it is available with a form fitted leather scabbard for $39 extra if so desired.

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