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Moonmen are a mysterious race of visitors to Eletreus whose origin and intentions are not fully understood by anyone but themselves. Called ‘Moonmen’ because they literally come from and return to the moon coming via silent, mysterious hollowed out metallic ‘Sky-shields’ that they use to ride the skies like a chariot, and which can move at impossible speeds and even  appear and disappear seemingly at will.

While they are very rarely encountered on the ground, their sky-shields are seen in the skies from time to time, behaving in an incomprehensible manner, sometimes seemingly following people for no clearly understood reason, moving slowly one way and then shooting off straight up into the sky and back to the moon.

Who or what these creatures really are is unknown – many speculate that they are a kind of Fay spirit dear to the moon goddess, and it is no secret that most encounters and sightings take place in our around Tuath De, however the Fay themselves are tight lipped and do not discuss the moonmen with outsiders.

Moonmen are generally not considered to be hostile or dangerous, and when typically encountered in isolated areas, they seem to be wandering about examining and collecting various plants – and, like many of the Fay, can disappear into thin air if they feel threatened or are surprised.

Not all encounters with the Moonmen are neutral however. In some rare cases, an individual may be plagued by their visitations, and even kidnapped and taken away in their flying shields. While not physically strong, they are seemingly impervious to non magical weapons and are powerful psionisists – time itself seeming to pause as they enter an area and abruptly returning to normal once they depart.

Moonmen and their Sky-shield Chariots

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