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Mudlings are a semi-intelligent but cunningly opportunistic race of amphibian bipeds about half the size of a human but able to move rapidly through the swamps that they infest.

Voracious predators, they will eat anything and everything they can fit into their mouths, which is the only feature of their smooth, grey skin heads and can open to 180 degrees, revealing row upon row of barbed, inward hooked teeth. Eyeless and sightless, without hearing and without a sense of smell, it is believed that they are able to sense the very life force and thoughts of creatures around them with a sensory plate lining the top of their skulls and can move with great stealth, sneaking up on an opponent and attempting to overwhelm them or, depending on the situation, using herding tactics by spitting a highly corrosive globules or streams of acid from their hideous maw.

As they have no facial features, nor are able to hear, they are soundless, and communicate using mental telepathy, though telepaths in the area will become alerted to their presence by a spiky, clicking sound – and their communications interfere with a mages concentration, causing them to feel nauseated and making it hard to concentrate due to the white noise they naturally generate.

Usually encountered in groups of 10 to 30 individuals, they have a grey, slimy hide that tends to turn edges attacks against them, though blunt impact weapons are highly effective against them. Their left hand is a claw with needle like points, and the merest scratch can cause almost instant paralysis, while their right hand is a stunted, child like human hand and is used for anything requiring manual dexterity.

When all food sources are depleted, they can and will subsist on swamp gases for several months, allowing native animals to repopulate before again going on a feeding frenzy.

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