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Proverbs of the Paragon

1: “Though my mortal body may soon pass from this world, I will always be with you. My final and greatest quest, to break the lock on the gates of heaven with the might of the Flame of the Hosts and open the way for all who will follow, is nigh. But before I leave you in body, here engraved upon the temple wall, eternal and unchanging, is the sum of my wisdom. Read it, take it to heart, and in it you will find all you need to live a good and happy life.”

2: “The Empire is our shield against the forces of Darkness that seek only to destroy all that we have built. A solitary arrow is easy to break in your hands. But a bundle of ten challenges even the strongest man. In this way, only by standing together can we hope to prevail – and the vehicle that binds us all is the Empire.

3 “No man is an island, only by standing together can we stand strong. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”

4: “The Divine, the Empire, Family and Friends, in this order should your values be aligned. Never side with your friends against a member of your family. Never betray the Imperial law by hiding a fugitive family member, for the courts will eternally be guided by my mercy, and anything that weakens the Empire threatens family and friends alike.”

5: “Above all, you must never turn your back on the All Father and the Sky Mother, nor betray their teachings. It is the eternal wisdom of the creators that is the font and foundation of the Empire.  This you must remember at all times: if ever there comes a time when the Empire strays from its divine roots, the law of the gods must always come before the laws of men.”

6: “Defend the weak and allow no harm to come to those who are unfairly or unjustly persecuted. Every law abiding citizen of the Empire has the birthright to a happy and prosperous life, but also the obligation to protect the rights of all other citizens. On their final day, those who abuse their power instead of helping those in need will find the gates of heaven are closed.”

7: “Laugh. Love. Sing. Dance. Be Merry. The power of unbridled joy is will strengthen your heart against the arrows of evil. But for all things under heaven, there is a time and a place. Do nothing in excess, for excess is the enemy of discipline, and without discipline, the Empire will surely fall.”

8: “Never strike a blow in anger, for anger is the tool of the evil one, and a man who loses his head in combat exposes his weakness thinking it is his strength. Never delight in killing, even if it is just. For evil is at its core, sad, lost and misguided, and your sword – a tool of mercy. All life, even that which has become twisted or fallen is precious – so when you must extinguish it, think only of those whom you defend and give swift mercy to the enemy lest you become tainted.”

9: “Give respect and follow the orders of those above you, and think of those below your station as your charge. A Centurion who risks his life to save one of his men will find they will follow him to the shores of the river Styx. Conversely, a Centurion who beats and berates his charge will find they will desert at the earliest opportunity. A true leader leads by example, not by force.”

10: “Do not seek death, but do not fear it either. There is nothing more unstoppable in this world than a warrior who fights without the fear of death. Know in your heart that if you fall defending the Empire, I shall raise you up and set aside a place at my table in the Heroes Hall for you.”

11: “Be patient in everything you do. The perfect time may not be now, but if you wait it will present itself. Be especially patient with those who are in your charge. It is usually better to say nothing than to say something brash.”

12: “Do not lie. The truth is both your sword and your shield, and lies, like rust shall corrode your defenses and leave you exposed. Be honest in your dealings and stand tall, for lies leave you exposed to the enemy and tie you up in a tangled net of your own creation.”

13: “The only time for deception is on the field of battle. All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near. In dealings with all but the enemy, you must be true. You must study this well.”

14: “Before you judge another man, walk a mile in his shoes. In all dealings, treat others as you would have them treat you – always be the first to be courteous, always be the first to lend a helping hand. For every person you help, I will know. And when the time comes for you to call upon me, I will be there for you as you have been there for others.”

15: “No matter how insignificant or trivial it may appear, always do your duty with your whole heart. While you may not think it important, when great things must be done, they can only be done if everyone properly plays their part. Just as one tone deaf musician may ruin a concert, a derelict sentry can be the downfall of a Kingdom.”

16. “There are three things that you must guard against at all times: Greed, Lust and Anger. All three are ultimately destructive, both to you and everyone around you. Replace them with Generosity, Love and Forgiveness. Give and you shall receive. Love and you will be loved. Forgive and you will be unassailable. Conversely, the greedy man always fears losing what he has and makes enemies everywhere he goes. A man or woman who gives themselves to lust can, and has destroyed families, reputations and even started wars. Anger begets anger, while a gentle word is as armor and leaves no opening for further attack.”

17. “When the Empire is at War, do not hate the enemy. Pity them. Show mercy at every opportunity and treat the prisoners with dignity, even if you feel they do not deserve it. A man who strikes another man who is bound or cannot fight back is a cowardly dog.”

18. “A wise man learns from the mistakes of fools so as to not make the same mistakes himself. A fool hears the words of the wise but does not listen. While you may think you know something, seek out the counsel of those older and more experienced than you. They will learn a little from your foolishness. And from experience and discourse, you too shall one day become a wise man.”





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