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Shadow Elf

Few people on the surface of Eletreus even know of their existence, for they are the shameful secret of the high elves.

A split away civilization formed in the year 3877 B.E. at the site of the blasted ruins of Omyan Ortheiad their leadership was intrigued by the powers behind the fallen during the war in heaven, and attempted to harness their power to bring an end to the conflict. Unfortunately, their hubris was their downfall – and while they did not succumb to the Fallen directly, the dark secrets of the force that powered the evil ones was too much for them to safely handle, and they became irrevocably corrupted and were driven underground by a concerted attack by the Great Wyrm that blasted their civilization into ruins.

While they were originally high elves who worshiped the moon goddess Danu, they seek redemption now in her dark aspects, and are only encountered on the surface during the nights of the blood moon, where they seek out suitable sacrifices and slaves to increase their power with a goal to overthrow the Elven High Council of Princes and establish themselves as the rules of the entire continent.

Their current leadership is exclusively female, with the males serving as little more than consorts and servants, and are well known for their heartlessness, cruelty and malice to all things that walk upon the surface world, which they both hate and are jealous of.

Millennia of corruption and life underground has distorted their appearance, their fair skin now a grayish blue in color, their eyes glowing blue slits and their hair either jet black, white or purple. Smaller than humans, when they do go about on the surface they are always cloaked in black robes to conceal their true identity, using magic and stealth to remain hidden from mortal view and are rarely observed until it is too late.

From their original underground base in Omyan Ortheiad, they have expanded a network of tunnels, tapping into natural caverns and underground complexes to create their own cities where they are the slave masters of captured humans, orcs and other denizens of the darkness whom they lord over ruthlessly – their slaves all kept in line by their Fanatical servants, the Shadow Orcs, their own twisted and totally loyal creation. Elves are never kept as slaves, nor brought back alive, but are killed on sight.

Their magic users, like their leadership, are all female – the secrets are not taught to the males, though some are permitted to become warlocks as they are more useful in battle that way and everything they do has a utilitarian purpose, being completely devoid of all gentler emotions and utterly merciless and sadistic to the core.

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