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The Early Aelutian Gladius

The original design entry, modified by recommendation

Type of Sword: Ancient Aelutian Sword, still in use by poor adventurers and eccentric high ranking Aelutian officers. Was superseded by the Modern Aelutian Gladius around 500 years ago.

Replica by: Scorpion Swords

Status: Made to Order – available for $299.99 here at the SBG Sword Store

Designed by: SBG member and competition winner Klarson


The Early Aelutian Gladius is an inherently magical sword made from Coronatite and was adopted by the Aelutians early on during the war with their aggressive and expansionist neighbors, the Cagbicians circa 1573B.E. to 1322 B.E.

Originally a Cagbician weapon, as they originally controlled the first known Coronatite deposits, this magical blade made the ancient armor of the period almost obsolete – as it easily pierced the armor available during this era, and as a result both the Cagbicians and the Aelutians tended only to wear a helmet and shield to protect against slings, spears and arrows – while in close combat, only shields were partially effective (as a good thrust from a Coronatite Gladius would pierce the metal boss,wood, flesh and bone with minimal effort).

Despite its relatively short size (a limitation of Cornatite, which only activates its inherent magical properties within a narrow bandwidth of weight,mass and length) and expense to produce, the benefits of Coronatite weapons outweighed any disadvantages, and these swords were used extensively up until around 500 years ago, when they were superseded by the modern Aelutian Gladius with its flared blade (they are almost the exact same size and weight, the modern version only .05lbs heavier and 1″ longer).

Evolution of the Aeultian Gladius over the centuries, from the swords at the time of the Cataclysmic Wars to the modern era

Despite being an ancient design, and Legionaries of the Imperial Army having transitioned to the modern, spear tipped version many hundreds of years ago, not all of the Gladius of the ancient age were melted down, as many had absorbed minor and not so minor magical effects from their use in battle over the aeons, and some can still be seen worn by high ranking Centurions and Imperial officers that have been passed down from father to son from generation to generation and are particularly esteemed heirlooms of Aelutian Military families (though the original scabbards had long since deteriorated, and were typically now-a-days fastened using a much simpler leather sheathe).

While the blade certainly could be used for cutting, especially unarmored opponents, it was optimized for a deadly thrust into the torso and vital organs of an opponent, with the magically enhanced steel giving the blade limited armor piercing qualities. And it was this sudden and extreme stopping power that allowed this sword, the sword that conquered the known world of Eletreus, to remain essentially unchanged for over 2000 years.


The Early Aelutian Gladius was designed by Klarson and is made by Scorpion Swords (pictured below).


  • Overall Length: 27″ (68.58)
  • Blade Length: 20″ (50.8cm)
  • Handle Length: 7″ (17.78cm)
  • Point of Balance: 2.5″ from guard (6.35cm)
  • Weight: 2.9lbs (1310g)

Summary: Fast in the hand and very hefty for its relatively small size. Can deliver shearing cuts but is specialized in the thrust. Scorpion Swords have been known to split cinderblocks without taking any damage, in many ways modern crucible steel is not far off from fantasy Coronatite!

Behind the Scenes – Making of the Early Aeultian Gladius

Click here for the behind the scenes making of the Early Aelutian Gladius

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