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The Making of The Early Aelutian Gladius

The Early Aelutian Gladius was selected from our pool of sword designs to be made by Chris Palmer from Scorpion Swords and Knives LLC.


Chris starts the process by cutting out the basic shape of the sword from a sheet of premium quality 1095 carbon steel.

He then then grinds it and refines the shape and blade geometry by hand.

Below you can see the basic shape of the blade and its edge geometry along with the rivet holes used in the process of binding the handle to the big and beefy tang.

The blade is then heat treated to homogenize the steel and give the blade the necessary flexibility and strength to be truly classed as ‘battle ready’.

Next Chris begins work on the handle, taking a block of premium red oak wood and using a jigsaw to cut it to shape.

Then using hidden pins – the handle components are attached to the tang and permanently glued in place by copious amounts of gorilla glue, ensuring that no matter how much you use or abuse it, there is really no way this handle will come loose anytime soon..

He completes the sword with one final polish and sharpening of the blade, polishing the brass fittings, shaping and staining the handle, attaching two additional brass pins, and making the scabbard.

And the final result of all this hard work.. This..

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