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The Master Sword: Zelda

Type of Sword: Fully functional replica inspired by Links Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda.

Replica by: Blade Culture International

Status: Limited Production Run of 20pcs (due early 2020, delayed until October 2020)

Designed by: Paul Southren, Gene Batan, Hernan De Guzman


Inspired by the Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda and brought to life by the skilled team of artisans and smiths at Blade Culture International in the Philippines, our version of the Master Sword is custom made from 5160 spring steel with solid hand made fittings.


  • Blade Length: 32.25″ (81.91cm)
  • Handle Length (Guard to Pommel): 10.58″ (26.87cm)
  • Point of Balance: 4.5″ (11.43)
  • Weight: 3.85lbs (1.75kg)




Some swords from history, real or mythological, have taken on the status of legend. Mention Excalibur, for example, and even the average person will conjure to mind certain images – the Sword in the Stone, the Wizard Merlin, and of course – King Arthur as a boy, pulling the sword from the stone to become the King of England. It’s a well-known enough story that it seems to have become almost common knowledge.

Our modern culture may not have the depth and breadth that Arthurian legend has, but there are still mental pictures that may result when we hear mention of some of our modern myths – especially those that have given us decades of stories in one of the most popular video game series of all time.

(c) 2020 Nintendo

One of Nintendo’s flagship series, The Legend of Zelda follows a young hero named Link as he traverses the land of Hyrule to rescue Princess Zelda. Unlike other series The Legend of Zelda does not follow a traditional timeline – that is, the story told in the games is not linear. Instead, each game follows a “reincarnation” of the hero and the princess on a new adventure. You’ve almost certainly seen the hero before – pointed ears, blonde hair, green clothes, and a long, pointed hat. It’s a distinct aesthetic, and if nothing else shows that the hero has similar taste in threads from reincarnation to reincarnation.

(c) 2020 Nintendo

Since the first version in 1987 right up until the 2019 version, each game is subtly different. Despite the differences, each includes common themes, characters, and enemies while the player guides Link on his quest to save the princess, save the land of Hyrule, and to protect the Triforce – an all-powerful artifact – from being used for evil. The series has been wildly, astronomically popular, and each of the new games has delighted old fans and brought new ones into the fold.

(c) 2020 Nintendo

Fifteen official Legend of Zelda games have been created, plus spin-offs, comic books, children’s books, and a short cartoon series. There have long been rumors of a feature film in the works, but so far the rumors have not become reality.

As this is a fantasy series, swords and swordfighting is a common feature of the series. Early games in the series had a young Link be given his first sword by an old man, leading to one of the internet’s most-recognizable memes.

These weapons were fairly generic, as they had to be at the time (technology being what it was). However, beginning with the 1991 installment A Link to the Past – widely acknowledged not only as one of the best games in the series but as one of the greatest games of the 2D era – everything changed. The story was well-written, the graphics were ground-breaking for the time, and the game introduced for the first time what is probably the most recognizable video game sword of all time…


In A Link to the Past, players guide a young Link just starting out as an adventurer. Link, a young man living with his uncle, is awakened from a terrible nightmare. Guided by a mysterious voice, he discovers his uncle dead and takes up his sword to fulfill his family’s duty – protecting the Princess Zelda. While a familiar premise, A Link to the Past managed to become more than the sum of its parts… the music, the atmosphere, the story, and the mystery that the player unravels throughout Link’s quest create an experience that other games have often tried to match. And of all the elements in the game, the Lost Woods with the Master Sword at its heart is the one that players of the game remember the most.

(c) 2020 Nintendo

This author played the game as a child, and believe me when I say there was something awe-inspiring about finding the clearing and finally coming face to face with the legendary sword that would help you in your quest. The image of Link drawing the Master Sword from the stone after a long quest is one that still evokes strong feelings almost thirty years later.

(c) 2020 Nintendo

The Master Sword has made an appearance in almost every Legend of Zelda game, story, and comic ever since. While the location occasionally changed – sometimes in a forest, sometimes in a temple – the basics are the same: the Master Sword, a weapon imbued with the power to defeat great evil, awaits the hero, who must prove himself worthy to draw it from the stone and fulfill his destiny.

(c) 2020 Nintendo
(c) 2020 Nintendo
(c) 2020 Nintendo
(c) 2020 Nintendo
(c) 2020 Nintendo

It would be hard to overstate the impact that the Master Sword had on the success of the Legend of Zelda franchise. Entire webpages have been built dedicated to the mythology and lore of the Mater Sword, and cosplayers around the world dress up as Link and carry the familiar, blue-hilted sword. It’s become such a recognizable – and coveted – modern artifact that several attempts have been made to reproduce it, for collectors and cosplayers alike.

Modern Reproductions

Most modern replicas of the Master Sword are built for cosplayers – that is, they are not made of actual steel. Most appear to be either painted wood or painted foam latex, such as this LARP version from

Still other versions are made from stainless steel, and while obviously intended to be wallhangers (i.e. purely decorative swords) still offer slightly more realism than the foam versions:

Other versions have been made available by internet resellers of varying repute, and make claims everywhere from “full tang functional high carbon stainless steel” (whatever that means) all the way to actual, battle-ready cutters.

We’d rather not link to them here just in case you follow those links down to the Dark World, but we will say this – buyer beware, and proceed with EXTREME caution when using any supposedly battle-ready sword of dubious origin. Except for those versions created by legitimate smiths – typically in single batches or as custom work – most of the Master Sword replicas out there are simply eye candy.

One Australian sword maker and artisan, Brendan Olszowy from Fable Blades, has often been requested to make his own inspired versions of the Master Sword which are not mere eye candy, but 100% fully functional, one of a kind bespoke pieces of sword art.

Fable Blades Blade of Evils Bane by Australian Sword Maker Brendan Oslzowy

For more examples of his stunning work click here


This project came about after a customer saw the work Blade Culture International did with the Sakkala Sword and requested a firm quote for the same kind of thing but inspired by the Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda.

Seeing this, the Sakkala Sword, inspired one customer to contact us asking if we could do the same thing for the Master Sword. And the rest, as they say, is history..

To make all the components for a single custom sword like that is quite cost prohibitive, but as moulds for fittings can be re-used and it being cheaper to fire up the forge for a run of blades rather than a single sword, if we made a small batch of 20 – the cost for this original customer would become more affordable than any custom sword of this level of quality had literally ever been before..

Figuring other fans may also want a chance to get a custom version of the same sword at the same incredible price, we decided to take a gamble – make one customer VERY happy – and start this one off production run..


This project set for us a very interesting precedent and in theory, apart from the time factor (these swords are made by hand and are not churned out super fast – 6-9 months turn-around time is to be expected), there is no real reason why we cannot accept more custom sword order requests and create a limited run from them for other fans of a particular well known fantasy sword design.

That said, for legal reasons and to be fair to the original creators and artists, we cannot create EXACT copies of a well known fantasy sword – nor can we create ongoing production runs. We help one fan get a properly hand crafted version inspired by their favorite fictional sword and make a run of them to offer to other fans as a one off, one time project – but that is where it ends.

Additionally, any possible future custom sword runs must adhere to the following basic guidelines:

  • We will not make EXACT copies of a sword – but rather a sword clearly inspired by the original. In some cases, unrealistic fantasy sword designs will be modified to become functional swords as necessity dictates (for example, removal or re-positioning of hilt elements that may interfere with natural sword use, blade re-profiling for speed and weight reduction, etc).
  • We will not make a second batch of the same exact sword. We may make a second sword inspired by the same sword as a previous project, but each project is a one off.
  • We will not make copies of swords that already have a functional licensed replica on the market. Instead, such requests will be refereed to the officially licensed maker. Only if there is NO officially licensed production of a given design will we consider creating our version of it.
  • We require one customer to kick it all off..

In a nutshell, basically this custom sword idea passion project for true fans of fantasy swords to get that one chance to own what is almost an heirloom quality piece that is as close to a one off custom as you can possibly get at a fraction of the normal cost.

If this sounds like something you would like more information on and you suspect that the customer to kick off our next project is YOU, please do not hesitate to contact us at Sword Buyers and we will consider all serious proposals that fit the above criterion.

Thanks for reading!

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